Update v0.3

No Animals Were Hammed (Patch v0.3)

Gameplay Changes

  • Player swing mechanism rewrote from scratch.
    • The new extreme precision mechanism adds intense gameplay and rewards you with time.
  • AI swing mechanism rewrote from scratch.
    • Well, if you though bots were difficult on hard, you gonna cry now...

UI Changes

  • Added the guide
    • The guide is a book that tells you about pigs and their effects. Also you can check the characters and how to unlock them.
    • Pigs Guide
      Pigs Guide
    • Characters Guide
      Characters Guide
      You can access the guide by pressing left on main menu.
  • Removed keys explanation on game start.
  • Removed unlockables pylon due to "guide".

General Changes

  • Butler upload
    • The game got uploaded with itch.io's butler, so, now you can easily update incoming patches.

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